Consumers and carers

The Next Wave – Consumers

Members and supporters talk about what Choosing Wisely Australia means for consumers.

The Next Wave – Consumers

Julie McCrossin:

What is the Choosing Wisely Australia Campaign? What’s it about?

Dr Andrew Boyden:

It's about raising awareness really. I think it's about encouraging conversations about appropriate healthcare. Is this test or procedure, is it needed for me as an individual?

Dr Matthew Anstey:

We used to think that doing more was better. More oxygen, more blood, more blood pressure. And then actually people came out and studied it and said, "More isn't better. Actually all you need is enough.”

Tony Lawson:

The partnership between clinicians and patients/consumers is so important.

Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley:

It's very important to start having those conversations early. And if we do so, that can make a difference to those patients and, very importantly, to their families.

Tony Lawson:

This campaign is a really good opportunity to improve health outcomes for consumers, which is our rationale.

Dr Robyn Lindner:

We want to make it really easy for people to get involved, so we’re developing some communication kits that people can download and share with their colleagues. So they’re things like PowerPoint presentations on the initiative, some of the consumer resources, and some of the videos and engaging material that we have.

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