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Our growing network of members and supporters include health professionals and consumer organisations that are committed to supporting the principles of Choosing Wisely and working to support the initiative grow.

Colleges, societies and associations

Health professional colleges, societies and associations participate in Choosing Wisely Australia® through developing and disseminating lists of tests and treatments within their area of remit that may not always be in a patients' best interest and should be questioned.

While members are free to develop their own methods for determining their lists, improved consumer care is the common objective. Further, each recommendation needs to be supported by evidence, which is published alongside the recommendations.

Champion Health Services

For Choosing Wisely to have an impact on healthcare service delivery, it is vital that health services are championing the initiative at a local level. From Primary Health Networks and Local Health Districts, to hospitals and primary care practices, Choosing Wisely Australia encourages health services to engage in reducing unnecessary tests, treatments or procedures that are prevalent in their particular settings.

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Consumer Organisations

Across the country, health consumer organisations are promoting the Choosing Wisely Australia messages to their networks to support and enable consumers to have important conversations about what care is truly necessary.

NPS MedicineWise supports Choosing Wisely Australia members and supporters through coordinating governance, providing tools, resources and communication support, as well as promoting your involvement.

Email [email protected] to find out more about becoming a Choosing Wisely Australia member or supporter.

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For more information on how to become a Champion Health Service, please email us at [email protected]

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