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The Next Wave – Colleges, societies and associations

Members talk about why their organisation decided to get involved in Choosing Wisely Australia.

The Next Wave – Colleges, Societies and Associations

Dr Frank Jones:

I think Choosing Wisely has been a fantastic phenomenon for general practice, because in the 21st century, science and technology has advanced so quickly and so fast, people don't fit into boxes. So it really is one of the challenges of the science and art of general practice that we have to use our evidence. I think we have to question at each and every step what we do.

Dr Mary Langcake:

Choosing Wisely is about what’s best for all of our patients, and what's best in terms of what you should and shouldn't be doing. So it was a logical thing for us to come on board.

Phil Calvert:

For us, the critical part of this is starting a really positive conversation between physios and their patients. And I think the challenge is communicating that effectively.

Professor Cheryl Jones:

We want to educate our clinicians when to ask those questions, but that also has to be with our primary care physicians, because 75% of antibiotic prescription occurs in the community.

Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley:

I think it's fair to say we still have too many silos, and we need to bring that together in terms of promoting Choosing Wisely, which is a fantastic campaign, and changing the landscape of medical care.

Dr Matthew Anstey:

This fits with the ethos of intensive care medicine. We used to think that doing more was better. More oxygen, more blood, more blood pressure, and then actually people came out and studied it and said, "More isn't better. Actually, all you need is enough.”

Dr Simon Judkins:

We do see a lot of unnecessary test ordering, which actually we find delays decision-making in a lot of cases.

Professor John Slavotinek:

This, I guess, drives a need for the College of Radiologists to improve the appropriate use of those tests so that resources are used as effectively as possible.

Dr Robyn Lindner:

We already have a number of other colleges that we’re talking to, or who have already signed up to the initiative, who are developing lists as we speak. And we've already heard today that some of the colleges are coming back for another round, so that's fantastic.

A huge thank you to all the colleges that are involved in Choosing Wisely. None of this would happen without you. It is an enormous amount of work that these organisations are committing to, and they do it graciously and with so much enthusiasm that it is really such a rewarding and energising experience to be involved.


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