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Opioid stewardship in hospitals

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Opioid resources and activities in primary care

Choosing Opioids Wisely

Choosing Wisely is improving the prescribing and use of opioids across different healthcare settings. We have developed a suite of resources for consumers and health professionals to support the safe and appropriate use of opioids.

Champion Health Services are putting Choosing Wisely recommendations into practice and we also have educational programs for primary care.

Read about how we are 'Choosing Opioids Wisely' and get involved in the conversation to reduce unnecessary treatments.

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Lightning talk: Opioid prescribing in Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency Department

Lightning talk: What proportion of patients with chronic non-cancer pain are prescribed an opioid analgesic?

Webinar: "Opioid Wisely: Impact of policy interventions on oxycodone prescribing"

Opioid resources and activities in primary care

NPS MedicineWise program


Program: Opioids, chronic pain and the bigger picture

The educational visiting program from NPS MedicineWise provides clarity on the role of opioids when supporting patients with chronic non-cancer pain. It covers the latest evidence on the management of chronic pain, offers advice on engaging patients to take an active role in managing their pain and resources to support patients tapering their opioid medication.

Podcast: Opioids special #1 - Tapering opioids in partnership with patients with chronic non-cancer pain

Podcast: Opioids special #2 - Non-pharmacological management options for chronic non-cancer pain

Podcast: Opioids special #3 - Tolerance, dependence and overdose