Consumers and carers

Darlene Cox, Consumer Representative of the Choosing Wisely Advisory Group

"We want the best bang for our healthcare bucks."

Choosing Wisely Australia launch: Darlene Cox


We don't have unlimited resources to be allocating to health services. And so it means we need to be thinking about what's the best use of the health dollar that we have. It's about supporting consumers, recognising that it's okay for us to ask questions. In fact, for our own health, it's really important that we ask questions, and that we're engaged in our healthcare. It will help give me tools and my doctors tools to have a very strong, engaged, meaningful conversation around the most appropriate healthcare options for me.
So, we don't want unnecessary referrals, we don't want unnecessary tests. We want healthcare that meets our needs that's affordable and accessible. And I think that’s what Choosing Wisely gives us the opportunity to do.

5 Questions

5 questions to ask your doctor or other healthcare provider to make sure you end up with the right amount of care.

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