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In general there is no indication to perform prophylactic retinal laser or cryotherapy to asymptomatic conditions such as lattice degeneration (with or without atrophic holes), for which there is no proven benefit.

Date reviewed: 27 October 2022

Lattice degeneration and related asymptomatic retinal conditions are frequently found in eyes with retinal detachment. Intuitively one would expect that prophylactic treatment of such visible areas of abnormality would reduce the risk of retinal detachment, and such treatments used to be commonplace. The available evidence has however failed to demonstrate any convincing benefit, and there are also significant potential side effects to such treatment. One reason for the absence of demonstrated benefit is the frequent occurrence of retinal breaks outside areas of visible abnormality. With occasional exceptions, there is no justification for such treatment in asymptomatic eyes, and it has been a recommendation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology for many years that such treatment is not indicated. Counselling and follow-up of at-risk patients is likely more effective, and far more cost-effective, in preventing loss of vision due to retinal detachment.

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