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Review your diagnosis and/or treatment/adherence if patient has not responded to adequate prescribed topical steroids after two weeks.

Date reviewed: 26 April 2021

Inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, are commonly treated with topical corticosteroids. Follow up should occur with patients requiring continually applied prescribed topical steroids after two weeks. Clinicians need to confirm with the patient that the treatment has been applied at the intended quantity and frequency. In atypical cases or where there is no improvement in symptoms, an alternative diagnosis or therapy option should be considered.

Supporting resources

  • ACD Patient Fact Sheet: How to apply topical corticosteroids for the treatment of eczema
  • ACD Patient Q&A: Topical corticosteroids for the treatment of eczema.

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Supporting evidence
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How this list was made How this list was made

College’s Expert Advisory Committee, comprising seven longstanding Fellows considered four potential recommendations, together with supporting evidence, and agreed to proceed with three of them. The Committee then refined and finalised the recommendations. These were reviewed by the NPS Representatives Committee and finalised in response to the feedback received.

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