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Do not assume that bilateral redness and swelling of both lower legs is due to infection unless there is clinical evidence of sepsis such as malaise, fever and neutrophilia, plus an expanding area of redness or swelling over a period of hours to days.

Date reviewed: 1 August 2016

Bilateral lower leg cellulitis is very rare. Most commonly the redness is due to an underlying inflammatory skin disorder such as venous eczema or a more deeply extending inflammation involving the subcutaneous fat known as lipodermatosclerosis. This condition, which occurs more frequently in patients with venous disease, who are overweight and immobile, may initially present as bilateral redness and swelling, and then progresses over time to produce scarring and hardening of the underlying tissues. A careful history and physical examination should be undertaken. An entry point for infection should be looked for, and swabs taken from open skin wounds. However, microbiological testing from intact overlying skin is usually of little value.

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A long-standing College Fellow, in consultation with the Honorary Secretary has prepared 5 recommendations. All ACD members were invited to choose three out of the five recommendations. Following an NPS Representatives meeting, it was noted that five recommendations are needed. Therefore the remaining two recommendations were selected.

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