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Choosing Wisley: driving a culture shift away from unnecessary healthcare

Choosing Wisely Australia is part of an international collaboration of healthcare professionals, consumers and other key healthcare influencers working to drive a culture shift away from unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

Launched by NPS MedicineWise in April 2015, today Choosing Wisely continues to advance across primary care, in our hospitals and among consumer health organisations and complements an increasing focus on the delivery of high-value healthcare across Australia.

The premise of Choosing Wisely is simple – clinicians and consumers having good conversations about healthcare, including necessity, risks and other options.

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Implementation toolkit

The Choosing Wisely implementation toolkit provides guidance on planning and carrying out an effective Choosing Wisely project for your health service.

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Choosing Wisely Australia translated resources

Explore the translated versions of the 5 questions you should consider asking your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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