Recognition for champions of Choosing Wisely

27 Sep 2018

A new awards program was launched by Choosing Wisely Australia this month to recognise the outstanding efforts of individuals who are championing the initiative in our Champion Health Services. 

The “Choicies Awards” have been packaged in a comprehensive implementation kit health services can roll out across their organisations, in their own time and at their own pace. Staff will be able to nominate colleagues, individually or as teams, who are demonstrating their commitment to promoting the principles of Choosing Wisely in their day-to-day activities.

As a staff engagement activity, the awards are a great way to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and teams who are leading the way in effecting a culture shift in how we think about healthcare delivery. Other benefits include:
  • Recognising of the breadth of people with different roles (leaders, clinicians, consumers) working towards a common goal of reducing unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.
  • Motivating and encouraging more people to become involved in the Choosing Wisely initiative.
  • It’s a good way to share Choosing Wisely stories and ideas across organisations.

There will be opportunities for award winners to be promoted on the Choosing Wisely Australia website, newsletters, in the media and on social media.

The awards kit comprises all-staff emails, nomination form, case study template and a certificate. If you’d like more information, please email

Last reviewed 24 September 2018