South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

09 Oct 2017
A key element of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's "Journey to Excellence" strategic plan is the provision of safe, effective and patient-centred care for its community.
We have been working with frontline clinicians to reduce unnecessary, and potentially ineffective, procedures through a program called Service Rationalisation. It involves working in partnership with frontline staff and providing them with clinical data, such as hospital length of stay, interventions, equipment and costs broken down by location. Clinicians are able to use these data to see where improvements can be made and to discuss with their peers and management on areas for possible reductions. The process enables the potential for reducing unnecessary and ineffective procedures, as well as the added benefit of streamlining the ordering of tests and other procedures.
The Choosing Wisely Program provided South Eastern Sydney Local Health District with further opportunity to learn and improve in the delivery of these interventions as we strive to deliver more appropriate health care to our communities – care which is both effective and in accordance with patients’ wishes. 
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is very excited about its participation in the global initiative, Choosing Wisely, which will enhance the work we are already doing in this area with our clinicians. South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is committed to delivering high quality and appropriate care to its patients and community and being part of Choosing Wisely is one way we can deliver our promise of delivering the right care at the right time.

Last reviewed 04 October 2017