In the media

15 Mar 2018

It’s encouraging to see both consumer news outlets and the health industry media continue to promote the initiative, our recommendations and promote to consumers the benefits of “choosing wisely”.

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) – 19 February 2018
The MJA has published a Perspective prepared by Choosing Wisely Australia about how the initiative is working to reduce unnecessary healthcare practices by promoting better conversations between healthcare professionals and consumers. It highlights the progress of implementation in Australia and the inroads being made by our members and supporters to help reduce low-value care.

Weekend Sunrise – 17 February 2018
A panel discussion on the release of new recommendations from the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM), ANZCA featuring NPS MedicineWise Client Relations Manager Dr Robyn Lindner, Federal President of the Australian Medical Association Dr Michael Gannon and Personal Injury Lawyer Mal Byrne.

The Australian – 14 February 2018
The Australian ran a front-page story highlighting a new recommendation from the FPM, ANZCA against spinal fusion surgery for unexplained low back pain. The story quotes pain medicine physician and Chair of the Faculty’s Professional Affairs Executive Committee Dr Mick Vagg.

Australian Journal of Pharmacy – 18 January 2018
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) has been advocating its support for the recent upscheduling of codeine. In a statement, SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels said: SHPA remains the only pharmacy organisation to join the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative curbing unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures, and our position on codeine has been one of our five Choosing Wisely recommendations since 2016.”

Last reviewed 14 March 2018