11 Victorian Health Services to champion Choosing Wisely

27 Jun 2018

Following the achievements of Austin Health as a Choosing Wisely Australia Champion Health Service, Better Care Victoria has partnered with NPS MedicineWise and Austin Health to build a network of 11  health services across the state who will be implementing the initiative. The Choosing Wisely Scaling Collaboration is being supported by the Better Care  Victoria Innovation Fund.

primary objectives are to: 

  • establish a sustainable framework to measure low-value care and the impact of interventions designed to reduce low-value care practices; and
  • decrease the proportion of low-value care practices delivered in health services by reducing unnecessary requesting of tests, treatments and procedures.
Speaking at the 2018 Choosing Wisely Australia National Meeting last month, Ms Camilla Radia-George (Centre), Manager, Innovation Projects, Safer Care Victoria said: “We’ve funded a collaborative approach which has involved 11 health services…it’s about putting those services together so that they work together, problem solve together and go on that shared journey over the course of the next year. It’s about giving those health services the time and the space to innovate and improve.”

When asked about her thoughts on Choosing Wisely building support as a social movement, Ms Radia-George said: "What we're seeing already in Victoria is a groundswell where people are talking about it, where clinicians at every level of those organisations are signed up to be part of it, and that's how we ultimately get the culture change we're looking for."


Last reviewed 22 June 2018