Choosing Wisely advocacy in South Australia

27 Jun 2018

Health Consumers Alliance of SA Inc (HCA) was established in 2002 as the peak body for health consumers in South Australia.  We are a member-based, independent, not-for-profit organisation, funded by SA Health. We work with our members and supporters to achieve our vision: Consumers at the centre of health in South Australia.

We seek to promote and strengthen the voices, wellbeing, and rights of health consumers, and we support partnerships between consumers and their health care providers.  We encourage consumers to ask questions so they can make informed decisions about their health care.

Therefore, HCA supports the key principle of Choosing Wisely Australia - to help healthcare providers and consumers start important conversations about improving the quality of healthcare, by eliminating unnecessary and sometimes harmful tests, treatments, and procedures.

HCA promotes the range of Choosing Wisely resources in a variety of ways. We have published articles on Choosing Wisely resources in our weekly online newsletter ‘HCA eNews’.  We also have a Health Literacy (HL) tab on our website, with a depository of HL resources, including Choosing Wisely resources designed for consumers, and others targeting clinicians, service providers and managers.  We have discussed Choosing Wisely at meetings of our Consumer Advocates Network, and we will continue to promote Choosing Wisely activities and resources in future editions of eNews and on our website.

Last reviewed 22 June 2018