Latest Choosing Wisely in Australia report released today

15 Dec 2017


Choosing Wisely Australia is pleased to present its 2017 report­: Join the conversation, which highlights key achievements and learnings over the past year and captures the significant efforts and innovations of our members and supporters who are committed to ensuring the initiative’s success.  

The national conversation around evidence-based care and eliminating unnecessary healthcare is certainly taking hold across Australia and Choosing Wisely is increasingly being adopted to drive a culture shift around low-value care. 

Some highlights from the year include:

  • Our first National Meeting in May
  • Release of results from the first Choosing Wisely pilot projects implemented in hospitals
  • The first NPS MedicineWise national educational visiting program in primary care to incorporate Choosing Wisely messaging was rolled out to more than 7,000 general practitioners
  • The establishment of a working group, in partnership with Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF), to design, develop and implement strategies to support consumer engagement in primary care.

This year has also seen the total number of recommendations rise to 158 – an increase of 35 from last year. Additionally, Choosing Wisely Australia’s membership has grown to 51, including 80% of Australia’s medical colleges, 12 Champion Health Services, CHF and Healthdirect Australia.

The report includes results from a national consumer survey, an annual survey of GPs, specialists and other health professionals and our annual Partnership Survey.

NPS MedicineWise Chief Executive, Dr Lynn Weekes, said “This year’s Choosing Wisely in Australia Report showcases many of the achievements of the last year, as well as some of the insights from the work of our members and supporters. I look forward to continuing our work together on this important model for behaviour change – shifting the way we think about healthcare by eliminating those practices evidence shows to be of little or no value.”

Last reviewed 11 December 2017