Health services championing Choosing Wisely

14 Dec 2016
Australia’s health services are leading the implementation of Choosing Wisely through a variety of clinician-led initiatives. Specific hospitals and area health services are bringing together champions of quality, evidence-based care to become Choosing Wisely Australia Champion Health Services. We hope you will join them. 

Our health service members 

Since launching last year, more than 130 recommendations highlighting care to question have been published by Australian health professional colleges, societies and associations. A number of Australian health services have also joined the initiative, working in collaboration with Choosing Wisely Australia and NPS MedicineWise to help provide their patients with better quality healthcare. 

Calling for Champion Health Services

For Choosing Wisely to have an impact on healthcare service delivery, it is vital that health services are championing the initiative at a local level. From Primary Health Networks and Local Health Districts, to hospitals and primary care practices, Choosing Wisely Australia invites health services to become Champion Health Service sites, and commit to engaging in reducing unnecessary tests, treatments or procedures that are prevalent in their particular settings.

So far we have seven Champion Health Service sites who are promoting Choosing Wisely, with Gold Coast Health among the first of Australia’s health services to bring together key quality initiatives under the Choosing Wisely banner.

Champion health services receive the following member benefits:

•    promotion as a Choosing Wisely Champion
•    connections to a growing network of engaged clinicians and health services
•    connections to health professional colleges, societies and associations
•    being part of a forum that shares ideas and supports learning
•    potential to jointly apply for funding access to relevant resources development of resources collaboration on evaluation of impact.

If you’d like to become a Choosing Wisely Australia Champion Health Service, please contact us at Read more about getting involved

Last reviewed 14 December 2016