New report: Strong appetite for reducing inappropriate healthcare

14 Dec 2016

Choosing Wisely Australia is pleased to present a new report on the campaign’s implementation since launching last year. The report demonstrates strong engagement by Australia’s medical profession and consumer advocates and a strong appetite in the community for an ongoing conversation about the appropriate use of tests, treatments and procedures.

The Choosing Wisely Australia 2016 Report outlines some of the key activities and outcomes 
achieved in our first 18 months. Highlights include:

•    membership of 28 peak colleges, societies and associations 
•    123 recommendations highlighting unnecessary healthcare
•    development and promotion of resources to support communication
•    a media audience of more than 18 million Australians 
•    Choosing Wisely principles and recommendations being incorporated into guidelines, education modules        and hospital quality and safety improvement systems
•    local implementation through professional and community partnerships.

The report also summarises the findings of surveys with health professionals and consumers, identifying some of the drivers that contribute to unnecessary care. Results highlight a potential gap between aspiration and actual behaviour for both consumers and health professionals regarding appropriate healthcare. 

Promisingly, consumers who reported knowing about Choosing Wisely were more aware of the risks and harms associated with unnecessary care. Also, as a result of participating in Choosing Wisely Australia, 73% of participating medical colleges and societies said they would consider how they could work with consumers to reduce unnecessary care.

Read the full report 

Last reviewed 14 December 2016