Our next wave, consumer focus and the Learning Collaborative

03 Feb 2016

On 16 March, 12 organisations will announce more than 50 new recommendations, adding to our existing 25 recommendations. Specialties announcing lists include surgery, dermatology, nursing, haematology and endocrinology to mention a few. 

The Sydney event will also provide an opportunity to update attendees more broadly on progress of the Choosing Wisely initiative, and, in the spirit of starting a conversation, allow attendees to network. If you are interested in receiving an invite to this event Choosing Wisely Australia: the next wave, send us an email at choosingwisely@nps.org.au

Following on from our Consumer Roundtable in 2015, we have taken the roundtable recommendations and conducted further research into appropriate messaging and channels for engaging consumers in the Choosing Wisely initiative.

We are currently developing Australian-specific consumer resources and updating our website to ensure consumers can access clear information about appropriate use of tests, treatments and procedures and where to find trusted information and advice.

In 2016 Choosing Wisely Australia will be launching an exciting opportunity that will bring together groups that are implementing initiatives that support Choosing Wisely recommendations in their particular settings. The Lighthouse Collaborative will provide a forum where learning can be shared on the methodology and effectiveness of initiatives designed to further clinician and consumer education and engagement in appropriate care. 

Please contact us at choosingwisely@nps.org.au if your organisation might be interested in participating.

Last reviewed 03 February 2016