Choosing Wisely features on the ABC

03 Feb 2016

Appropriate use of tests, treatments and procedures continues to be a focus of media interest. In late 2015, ABC Catalyst, in a program titled Too much medicine featured numerous tests and therapies that doctors are questioning as to whether they are causing more harm than good.

Among those interviewed for the program was Dr Robyn Lindner, from NPS MedicineWise, who spoke about the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative.

‘What this campaign seeks to do is improve the quality of care, starting a conversation about what's appropriate and hopefully reducing people's exposure to things that are of no proven benefit’ Dr Lindner said on the program.

‘That's where this initiative is seeking to affect a bit of a culture shift in terms of changing people's thinking and realising that, while tests and medicines are great in managing conditions, there is a downside. You want to make sure that the upside outweighs the downside.’

You can view the program here.

Last reviewed 03 February 2016