Choosing Wisely Update - Summer 2016

16 Feb 2016

Choosing Wisely making inroads with health services

With peak medical colleges, societies and associations leading the Choosing Wisely Australia® initiative, one of our next steps is to encourage adoption of the Choosing Wisely principles within health services. Read about Monash Health implementation.

Our membership keeps growing

We’d like to welcome the many new organisations that have signed up to the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative. They’re currently developing their recommendations of medical tests, treatments and procedures that clinicians and consumers should question, for release in 2016. See the organisations that have joined.

Choosing Wisely features on the ABC

Appropriate use of tests, treatments and procedures continues to be a focus of media interest. In late 2015, ABC Catalyst, in a program titled Too much medicine featured numerous tests and therapies that doctors are questioning as to whether they are causing more harm than good. See the program featuring Choosing Wisely.

Our Next Wave, consumer focus and Learning Collaborative

On 16 March, 12 organisations will announce more than 50 new recommendations, adding to our existing 25 recommendations. Specialties announcing lists include surgery, dermatology, nursing, haematology and endocrinology to mention a few. Read about our upcoming initiatives.

Choosing Wisely to feature at NMS 2016

Choosing Wisely Australia achievements will be showcased at the NPS MedicineWise NMS 2016 in May, which brings together health care experts from across Australia and abroad. Read about Choosing Wisely’s starring role at NMS 2016.

Choosing Wisely Australia – out and about

Choosing Wisely featured at many conferences and meetings in the latter part of 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016. It’s great to see how our members are driving the Choosing Wisely initiative. See how the Choosing Wisely message is spreading.

Last reviewed 16 February 2016