Choosing Wisely Australia welcomes new colleges, societies and associations

Choosing Wisely Launch New Colleges coming on board 26 Oct 2015

The number of medical colleges and societies participating is growing as the Choosing Wisely Australia campaign builds momentum.

We’d like to welcome the following new organisations that have recently signed up to the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative. They’re currently developing their recommendations of medical tests, treatments and procedures that clinicians and consumers should question, for release in 2016.

As these new colleges, societies and associations begin to develop their recommendations it's important to remember the following guidelines:

  • societies are free to determine the process for creating their lists
  • each item should be within the specialty’s purview and control
  • medical tests, treatments and procedures attracting recommendations should be used frequently and/or carry a significant cost
  • each recommendation should be supported by generally accepted evidence
  • the process should be thoroughly documented and publicly available.

Last reviewed 13 October 2015