Choosing Wisely Australia's first pharmacist organisation

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia logo 26 Oct 2015

In recent months the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) became the first pharmacist member organisation to join Choosing Wisely Australia. SHPA will be focusing on appropriate, high-quality evidence-based use of medicines.

SHPA strongly supports evidence-based decision making so we are pleased to champion the recommendations made through Choosing Wisely Australia. Reinforcing the evidence and improving the quality use of medicines is the cornerstone of pharmacy practice, particularly in hospitals.

In the coming months we will seek input from our members to develop a series of evidence-based statements focusing on the use of medicines and the role of pharmacists in supporting the quality use of medicines.

SHPA Federal President, Professor Michael Dooley

Choosing Wisely Australia welcomes SHPA and its important role in supporting pharmacists to have conversations with consumers and prescribers about evidence-based practice.

Last reviewed 13 October 2015