Champion Health Services

Champion Health Services

Health Services across Australia are Championing the Choosing Wisely initiative to improve the safety and quality of health care for hospital patients. The implementation of projects to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures for both inpatients and outpatients are helping to drive improvements in patient care and hospital efficiences. 

For example, hospitals are bringing together champions of quality evidence-based care - from specialist units, general medicine, nurses and medical trainees - under the Choosing Wisely umbrella.

Member benefits

Participation as a Choosing Wisely health service member provides a range of opportunities:

  • Promotion as a Choosing Wisely Champion
  • Connections to a growing network of engaged clinicians and health services
  • Connections to health professional colleges, societies and associations
  • Being part of a forum that shares ideas and supports learning
  • Potential to jointly apply for funding
  • Access to relevant resources
  • Development of resources
  • Collaboration on evaluation of impact. 

Download the brochure for more information. If you’d like to become a Choosing Wisely Australia Champion Health Service, please contact us at

The health services championing Choosing Wisely in Australia


Last reviewed 05 January 2018